A list of our Services we provide:


High Quality Art:  For whatever your game needs, we have you covered. with over 70 artists on the team, we have art that ranges from cartoony to highly realistic, and everything in between.  We make it our job to have what you are looking for at any given time. For examples of our high quality art Click Here.



3D modeling:  We have a handful of 3d-modelers on the team, each with their own individual style. Here is an example of one of the models made from a 2 dimensional image by Clint Maclean from HeroClix: Vom_Progress_06





Voice Acting:  We Provide high quality voice acting for your project.  Below are some Samples.



Wix: Brian Sommer – League of Legends / The Walking Dead




Vom: Travis Crane




Iuun: Alex Edmunds




Umph: Ed Kelly


Carolyn Spears:  Ariana Siarkiewicz





Concept Art and Sketches:  Our goal is to provide concept art as quickly as possible, while getting the composition across.

To see examples of our many different sketch styles, Click Here.



Template Design: We understand how impossible it can be to find a good template for your game, and it has taken years to find good template designers, rest assured we can make good looking templates for your games! An example of a couple of test templates we created.









Icon Design:  Below is an example of some of the icons used for Legacy TCG.










Box Art: Box Art is part of the process when creating any physical product.  Below is an example of our own Box Art.









Trailers and Commercials: We are able to make trailers for your project, provided you give us enough materials from your game for us to work with.

To View the trailer Click Here 



Music and Sound:  Below are a few samples of  music made with our music and sound team.





Instructions and Document Design: Any type of Instruction manuals or Documents you may need we can provide for you. Below is an example.

rule book










Programming:  Our Programming team is proficient in a multitude of languages, on a multitude of platforms. Below are the current Area of Expertise.






SPA Development





Unity3D Engine

Open GL



Spoken and Written Translation: We know that occasionally translation is needed for games. we offer both spoken and written in a few select languages.  Please note that the list for our services grows as our business grows.



English to: German, Polish, Japanese, Romanian,  Chinese



Written: English to:

Polish, German, Japanese, Romanian, Bulgarian