What does Starcat Games do exactly?

 Simply put, we make games!  We make games for ourselves, However we want to be able to offer that same top quality to the customer.                           Now you can have your own personal Indie Game Development Team!

How does Payment Work?

Due to  the Skill level of the artists involved, including a few celebrities, Normally our cost would be out of reach for most people if we priced things on an individual basis. Instead, we take jobs based on Budgets.

The Client tells us how much they can afford to spend, and gives us an outline of the project, and then we can decide if the job is able to be done within that budget. 

We realize this is a very different way of doing things, and we are ok with that.

Payments will be through Paypal.

Q: How Long does it take to make my game?

A:  Our team works VERY fast, but it depends on the size and scale of your project.

Q: How often are you available?

A: The Project Manager is available 24/7 and will be in constant contact with you via Skype or Discord throughout the duration of your project.

From inception to completion. 

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